15 Pack of FlavorMax Cartridges

Green Smoke offers the best package at a very affordable range. You can now purchase 15 packs of FlavorMax cartridges that are highly convenient 15 pack of flavormax cartridgesand cheap. If you are looking for the most unique and different flavors then you should definitely purchase this product, as it offers super excellent flavors that will leave your taste buds satisfied. It is always great to have your stock to be used for longer time instead of purchasing the same thing again and again. The flavors remain fresh and these 15 packs can be great for you. You can also take these with you anywhere you go and can enjoy the wonderful flavors anytime.

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Green Smoke E Cig 15 Pack of Cartridges

The flavors have different specific tastes. Red label tobacco has a woody tobacco taste and is strong and bold, absolute tobacco has a mellow and smooth nutty tobacco taste, tobacco gold has an indulgent, sweet and an aromatic tobacco taste, menthol ice has a refreshing taste of pure menthol, mocha mist has a complicated taste of brewed coffee blended with hints of nuts roasted, smooth cream has a sweet taste of fresh cream and fragrant extracts while mountain clove has a spicy with a little bit of sweetness and the exotic taste of clove. Just the description leaves one mouth watering. These are exactly how delicious these flavors are.

FlavorMax cartridges are tightly triple sealed so that the flavors remain fresh and produce thick clouds of vapor and delicious taste and aroma. Each pack contains five cartridges, each and every cartridge works exactly the way it should without any problem. Each cartridge delivers a long lasting taste that is absolutely heavenly. The flavor and smoke produced by the cartridges are fresh and wonderful right till the last puff. Unlike other cartridges, the taste and the aroma produced by these FlavorMax cartridges remains for a longer period of time.

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