Essentials kit

If you are looking for an e cigarette starter kit that contains all the important products and is very handy then you should definitely purchase the Green Smoke’s Essentials kit which is the perfect package for beginners. You can get all the satisfaction and the wonderful vaping experience with this amazing essentials kitEssentials kit. The products included in Green Smoke’s Essentials kit is of the highest quality that you can never find anywhere else and are truly wonderful. The Green Smoke’s Essentials kit contains cartridges, battery, USB charger and Clamshell case.

The Green Smoke E Cigs Essentials Kit

Two Cartridges:

Two cartridges are included in the Green Smoke’s Essentials kit. The cartridges contain three different flavors and you can choose any that you prefer. These flavors have different taste that are absolutely amazing and can surely satisfy your taste buds. Absolute Tobacco is a flavor that has a nutty tobacco taste and is smooth and mellow. Menthol Ice has a refreshing taste of pure menthol and Red Label tobacco is also one of the three flavors that have a robust, bold and woody tobacco taste. You can select the flavors according to your preference.

One Battery:

Green Smoke’s Essentials Kit contains a single battery that is durable and works super excellently. This single battery can work for a longer period of time without having the need to recharge. It is one of the best quality batteries that can work excellent without the need of any other battery. This battery that is included in Green Smoke’s Essentials kit is absolutely what you expect it to be like. It actually powers up the cartridges and shows great performance without any problem.

One USB charger:

The most important and useful product of the Green Smoke’s Essentials kit is the USB Charger. Now you don’t have to worry about charging the batteries as the USB charger can easily help charge from your laptop or computer even if you are working on it. So you can charge with the help of USB charger while working on laptop or computer. You can take this USB charger with you anywhere you can possibly go as it is very compact and can help charge your batteries only if you have a laptop or computer available.

One Clamshell case:

Another useful product included in this kit is the Clamshell kit which is wonderful and is designed to hold cartridges. This Clamshell case is very handy and you can take it with you anywhere you can go.

The Key to Vaping is Great Flavor:

When e-liquid is vaporized by a heating element, flavorful and thick clouds of vapors can be obtained. The battery actually powers up the heating element. As a powerful battery can create a more plentiful vapor, so Green Smoke’s Essentials kit is made from high quality material.

Recycling of Cartridges:

What happens after you finish a cartridge? You throw it away or collect them while some people dispose them off responsibly. We offer you the great option to send it back to Green Smoke and these cartridges will be recycled while you can also get a reward for doing this. You will be rewarded 26 points for every 80 used cartridges sent and you will also be given the return shipping payment. This is absolutely great to do something so useful but it is all your choice.

Green Smoke’s Pro Kit is very simple to assemble and use. It tastes great and makes vaping a lot more enjoyable with this kit. It is a super excellent product that is very easy to use and handle. You will be delighted with Green Smoke’s Pro kit. Green smoke’s Pro kit is excellent as compares to other kits as it produces great smoke and a wonderful flavor. The most important is that the flavor is long lasting and it also produces a wonderful aroma.

You should definitely purchase this product once and you will never regret buying this. After you buy Green Smoke’s Pro Kit you will surely feel the difference between this and other ordinary kits. This is a special kit which has the best quality accessories and is durable. You can never find anything like this again, this is how perfect it actually is. You will surely get a great vaping experience with Green Smoke’s Pro Kit. It contains everything you need for vaping and can be highly convenient.

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