V2 vs. Green SmokeV2 Cigs and Green Smoke can be counted as two brands that are in close competition in the premium ecig department because of the similarities of their products. V2 Cigs has long been a dominant ecig brand which is a trendsetter in the industry with its sleek design and high functioning components.

Despite being one of the best ecig options out there, it has still managed to keep its prices lower than many other premium brands such as Green Smoke. The brand was founded in 2010 and within a short period of time, it had captured the hearts of vapers everywhere and since then it has further solidified its position by ingenuity in its wide variety of starter kits and accessories. Their website is also entirely user-friendly and flavors and nicotine strengths can be chosen in the same option. What sets their online shopping experience apart from that of other brands is that the entire buying process is customizable. You can make changes at any point to suit your requirements. The customer care operators are also always there to help you with any decisions or advice.

V2Cigs vs.

Green Smoke vs. V2V2 Cigs does not attempt to recreate the effect of tobacco cigarettes but rather wants to craft a niche of its own. The designing of the ecig is very slim, handy and high-tech looking like it is an object from the future. Although a number of colors are available for their ecigs, the most stylish ones are the ones that come in silver or metallic shades which give it a very classy feel overall. All the components that V2 Cigs sells are made in Florida under strict supervision using only the best quality materials. The brand does not believe in importing components or flavor refills from other countries at a low price as many brands nowadays do and leave out of their advertising. The pricing is another winning factor since it is rather low for a premium brand of this level and they also throw in flavor refills for $60 which is unheard of. The potential for savings is immense as they too have offers which allow you to avail frequent discounts.

Green Smoke has four basic and advanced starter kits that are priced at $99.97 but you do get your money’s worth. You can use coupons and save even more money, just click the link I provided and you’ll see I have plenty to offer.

The simple kits are slightly cheaper and are more suitable with people who don’t have a lot of experience with vaping. Everything about the ecig is elegant and classy including the old-school leather carrying case. The brand also manufactures high quality disposables that are considerably cheaper so many people prefer to buy those. If you are new to the entire e-smoking experience, the Green Smoke official website offers a lot of general and specific information about what ecigs are and how they operate. The website can also be navigated around easily and online shopping is a very pleasant experience. Live chat enables you to ask any questions on the spot without wasting any time. Service and shipping is prompt. Their trade program also allows you to switch to their products with the most minimal amount of money.

Their tobacco options are especially lovely to vape such as their Red Label Tobacco, Tobacco Gold and Absolute Tobacco. The flavor is rich and dense and allows for a very powerful vaping experience and it is literally like you are smoking an actual cigarette only without the detrimental effects. There is as usual a Menthol flavor and a variety of aromatic choices such as Mocha Coffee and Vanilla and so on. V2 still turns out to be the better brand because it is able to provide considerable price cuts on its products and still retain the premium brand feel. You can choose from a total of five nicotine options. V2 is a big believer in bulk buying and wholesale. They have programs in which you can actually save money by ordering more or buying your favorite flavors in bulk. If you have decided how many cartridges you use in a month or so you can stock them all up at once and save some serious cash since the prices with this brand are already competitive. To top it all off, they deal with any problems as soon as possible and customer care is their top priority.