Best Vaporizer Pens

Having an amazing vaporizer pen is one of the best ways to satisfy your habit. Vaporizers are the latest popular trend in the e-cigarette smoking space.  They have multiple purposes, but today we’ll talk about vaporizers for dry herbs.  

It’s easy to admit that it took many people a while to accept these devices as part of the mainstream, but after considering them seriously – and testing out these products – many have decided to include them as part of their vaporizer reviews, and so have we.

Top Dry Herb Vaporizers – An Introduction

While vaporizers have been around for quite a few years, dry herb vaporizers have really come into the picture more recently, and are very much in demand as of late. Where this style of device differs is that they are made to vaporize dry herbs, like tobacco, as opposed to e-liquids. They offer the convenience of producing no smoke, so the whole process is cleaner, odor-free, and able to be done just about anywhere discretely.

With so many dry herb vaporizers on the market, finding the right one for you depends on a variety of factors, like style, budget, and overall usage. Finding the perfect herb vaporizer should not be tricky though, if you do your research, and have an idea of certain qualities you know you want, such as style, performance, and of course, price. Here is a look at the the Pax Vaporizer, the VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer, and the Davinci Vaporizer, three of the most sought after devices, and our take on their performance.

The Pax Vaporizer $199.99

Standout feature here is that the Pax can warm up in less than a minute; that is really, really fast! It is a simple to use device, and its compact size is very convenient. Good quality, nice vaporizing action, and very good looking style, despite it looking like many other models out there. It is a little on the complicated side when it comes to cleaning and lubricating, but very easy otherwise. While this is a great little device that packs a punch anytime, anywhere, the price of $199.99 is really steep, and it can definitely be out of the budget for many. Additionally, the price can be driven up further with the addition of necessary components such as the cleaning kit, the car charging adapter, or the case to hold it in. The Pax does have a reputation for lasting a long time, however, so that can also play into the price. For those willing to drop 2 bills on it, awesome, otherwise, it’s not the best option out there.

The VaporFi Orbit $99.99

The Orbit is a fantastic herb vaporizer, and so many users love that it has amazing functionality and a really low price, that does not come at a cost of sacrificing quality. The starter kit also comes with everything needed, including extra screens, making it a very great deal. In fact, I was surprised how low priced this vaporizer is, considering what you get, and because similar devices easily run in upwards of $150. The Orbit has a nice size, not bulky or huge, and can be taken anywhere. 3 heat settings give users variety that certainly comes in handy, however it can be tricky figuring out the right one at first. I had to experiment a few times to get it right, and I suggest not going too hot too fast. Using it is very simple, and accessing the compartment where the herbs are stored is very simple; some herb vaporizers are not so easy to use, or to load. I like that this compartment is ceramic, and it is quite sizable, so reloading doesn’t have to be done constantly. The smooth, ergonomic design fits the hand very nicely, and I appreciate the curves of this device more than the square-edge, angular vaporizers for the comfort factor.

The Davinci Vaporizer $129.99

At a low price, petite size, and great popularity, the Davinci vaporizer offers awesome performance, especially in regards to its battery. It can be used with either dry herbs or essential oil, depending on your preferred method, and even boasts a small storage compartment that can be used to house your herbs inside of. Warmup time is under 2 minutes, which is certainly not bad by any means. I’m not entirely sold on the style of this device, as it is a little bit walkie-talking looking. The small size is great for portability, however because of the shape, it does fit a little oddly in a pocket. The price for this vaporizer is definitely fair, as it does include additional accessories, and the overall product is decent, however there are other vaporizers at the same price point offering better quality.

Final Recommendation

Due to its price, superb portability, and exceptional performance, the VaporFi Orbit is our number one choice in this sector. When it comes to dry herb vaping, this one beats down the competition, and it provides a truly enjoyable and completely worthwhile experience. At the price of $99.99, and because it includes everything necessary for dry herb vaping at such a high level of quality, the VaporFi Orbit is the best dry herb vaporizer out there.