Are Electronic Cigarettes Allowed on Airplanes?

Many people pose this question and it’s not an easy answer.  Today we address the question:

Can You Smoke an E Cigarette on an Airplane?

The answer varies, sorry folks!

electronic cigarettes on airplanes


I did see electronic cigarettes mentioned when I booked a recent flight.  They were mentioned in the warning while I was checking out – the one that notifies you to use caution when packing items.

To be clear, the DOT (Department of Transportation) has not made a ruling on whether e-cigs and vaping are legal on planes.  In fact, they let that decision to remain up to each individual carrier.  At present point, (2015 Summer) no major carrier allows vaping on planes.

The rule of thumb is to assume it’s not kosher but exercise your right to ask a representative at the gate or on the flight.  Be cool about it, and don’t lose your cool if they say it’s not allowed.  There are many people on the flight and they look out for the majority – not the minority.  Although us vape enthusiasts are quickly becoming the majority, bear with it for a minute and know that measures are being taken at higher levels to ensure the longevity of vape products and that when there is a will, there is a way.

So please, exercise caution when you are about to smoke an electronic cigarette on an airplane.  Be courteous to your neighbors sitting near you as well.