How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Many people just try and quit smoking without any gimmick or product.  This is called “Going Cold Turkey.”  It’s quite common, and many people attempt to quit cold turkey every year.

Some people suffer from horrible symptoms of quitting, while others take it with pride and get it done without looking back.  There really is no “right answer” but many people try this. Especially on New Years Eve as part of their resolutions.

Note:  We always like success stories, which is why we thought you may enjoy this video testimonial of someone who stopped cigarettes cold turkey.  Use it as inspiration, or just skip it and keep reading below.

Everyone has a different hurdle to clear when they try to change any bad habit, and today we’ll talk about some of the best tips for success that people can use to increase their odds of succeeding and quitting awful tobacco products.  If we change one life, mission accomplished.

Going cold turkey is one of many ways people try to quit smoking. To some, it conjures up visions of horrible withdrawal, to others it represents masculinity or mental fortitude. There is no cure-all that works for everyone trying to quit, because each quitting experience is as unique as the person trying to kick the habit. Each smoker has different factors tied to their habit, and different obstacles to overcome during the quitting process. Our goal is to provide practical tips and advice that you can adjust to your own needs, but hopefully they will increase the chances of you finally moving past cigarettes into a healthier future.

Nobody likes to wake up in the morning and hack their lungs out.  It’s just not a way of life we recommend to anyone!