New Online Store :: Electro Vapors

Electro Vapors is a new ecig online store offering various goods for ecigs. This store is dedicated to advanced ecig users who carry APVs with them and like to customize them. This is why you will find plenty of different ecig batteries, atomizers, cartomizers and cleanomizers to pick from. Electro Vapors also offer starter kits but most of these are made by third party manufacturers. This means that Electro Vapors does not have any product of its all.

As I always like to do on my e cigarette blog, I’m letting you know of a new store I found online.

You should be quite pleased to know that Electro Vapors is a certified ecig seller. For you this means that all their listed products are authentic and made in the USA only. You can expect high quality stuff from the store without thinking twice simply because it is a certified seller.

The only downside of the store is no free shipping. Standard orders under $20 will cost you additional $9.99 on shipping which is a whopping disappointment. Even if your order exceeds the above mentioned amount, you are only given a small discount and your shipping charge becomes $4.99. We would have loved if there was a discount which offered free shipping on orders exceeding a certain limit.

So, if you feel so inclined, take a look at their online store.  I am pretty loyal to a few of the top e cigarette brands and don’t really shop at superstores, but if you are the type that likes to look around, then give Electro Vapors a try.