Smoke 51

Based in Miami, Florida, Smoke 51 is an electronic cigarette brand best known for its diverse range of products. Available at Smoke 51 is electronic cigarette hardware, disposables, cartridges and ecig accessories.

I’m not a fan of this brand.  They are owned by a less than appealing publicly owned entity.  I know this because I was looking to invest in a publicly traded electronic cigarette company, mostly because I’m very bullish on the industry as a whole.  However, with the sales numbers being so public, it’s hard to get behind this fledgling vapor e cig brand.

Starter Kits 

Smoke 51 offers six different electronic cigarette starter kits. The starting price of the kits is $69.95 for the TRIO Mini Kit. All kits fall between the $69.96 – $189.95 price range.


You can also find electronic cigarette cartridges at Smoke 51. The company offers 2.0 cartomizers and TRIO cartomizers for $14.95 each. There are only six flavors from which you can choose your cartridge in including cappuccino, cherry, chocolate, tobacco, vanilla and menthol. Moreover, you can also choose the nicotine strength of your cartridges from 0mg to 16mg.


If you don’t want to invest in a starter kit, you can choose to buy the Smoke 51 disposable electronic cigar. The company offers the Fifty-One disposable ecigar for $29.95. One cigar is equal to 1500 puffs.


On the other hand, Smoke 51 also offers useful electronic cigarette accessories to go with your starter kits. You can find batteries, cables, wall adapters, atomizers, and carrying cases at affordable prices and varying designs.

More information about Smoke 51 can be obtained from the company’s official website.

That’s about all I wanted to convey today while updating the electronic cigarette news blog.  Sorry it wasn’t more exciting.  As bad as it sounds, perhaps learning how to clean your electronic cigarette is a topic you will enjoy reading about.