Box Mods

Today we look at the best box mods across all the different wattages classes.  We’ve seen the trend of vaping move to devices like these, and we’ve seen these e-cigs that are shaped like a box come in various wattage classes.  They range from 30, to 50, to 100 watt machines.

These devices command a price point of around $100 and can go for much higher.  They don’t even possess a battery or a tank!  They are even taking over the sector that was dominated by tube mods on the past.

The reason for all the hoopla is the fact that they have the ability to vary the wattage output.  When you ask anyone who vapes, they will tell you a 20 watt maximum or higher, sub-ohm capacity, and a smart chip really makes a powerful device.  These box style electronic cigarette devices are the trendiest device in the industry and they are far from a fad.  They are here to stay.

This page will talk about the top rated box mods and have links to more in depth reviews as well as places where you can buy them at discount prices.

VaporFi Vox II (Sub Ohm) 

Wattage:  50 Watts

Price:  $169

Review Link:  Click here

Buy it Now:  Click here (automatic 12% discount included in that link)

This is among the higher priced box mods you’ll find that I FULLY recommend.  VaporFI vapor is my favorite brand in the entire industry, as you’ll see here I put them above all other companies.  The Vox II gives you the control you desire when you vape along with the ability to exhale large clouds of vapor that will amaze anyone.  This is my top rated mod of 2015.

Key Information:  

  • 0.2 ohm – 3.0 ohm resistance
  • Can adjust from 7-50 watts
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • 510 threading with adjustable pin
  • 6 month warranty
  • High-Capacity 35A 2500mah Battery (Battery Included)
  • Pass through function.
  • Runs on 30A, 2100-mAh batteries.
  • Digital OLED screen
  • Temperature Protection
  • Among the highest quality built device I’ve ever seen.

I like the design when compared to other box mods, and it has a slick element to it that just screams “Innovative.”

I FULLY recommend this to anyone, and of course, the liquids made by VaporFI are perfect for this device.