My Experience With Electronic Cigars

E cigars are a relatively a new product. These electronic devices look very similar to Cuban cigars but help you avoid the smell and odor produced by smoking a traditional cigar.

When I first bought an electronic cigar for a review I noticed that it had the same feel of a traditional cigar to it. The companies have spent a lot on electronic cigars to make them look authentic, even the weight and the paper that’s added gives the feel of an original cigar. You can hardly know that it’s an electronic cigar until you realize it produces no ash.

E-cigars are becoming popular because of their convenience of smoking without bothering other people present in the room. The person smoking the cigar is the only person who smells it.

The actual test of an e-cigar is the flavor and the vapor. A cigar produces a large amount of smoke and has a very specific smell and taste. Therefore an e-cigar needs to replicate the exact flavor. A good cigar will have a strong flavor and no smell in the room.

Electronic Cigar Reviews

When I first tried the e-cigar I absolutely enjoyed smoking it, I found it really easy, it produced the same amount of vapor and the flavor was too original.

Most of the companies have started to launch disposable e-cigars as well. One of my favorite e-cig brands manufactures the e- cigars, the Bull Smoke “Ace High.”

The information regarding the brand is follows;

The box of an e-cigar contains:

  • A disposable battery
  • An LED tip
  • Flavor of a Cuban cigar
  • Cost $19.95

Though the Ace High is a disposable cigar it will last about 1800 puffs and it has a 2 year shelf life as well. You can smoke it anytime you want to and after using it you can put it back in the box so that it keeps the freshness.

It’s a best alternative to an original cigar for those people who love cigars but do not like the smell and the smoke it leaves. I believe nobody will be bothered if you smoke it in a public area as it leaves no odor except for a slight hint that will disappear in a few minutes.

In the end it’s the best e-cigar that you can buy, I have tried it for myself and so have my friends and we all share the same opinion about it.