Alamo Vapors

Based in San Antonio, TX, Alamo Vapors offers electronic cigarette liquid, starter kits and accessories. Though the products offered by Alamo Vapors are high in quality, the variety is severely limited.

If you are looking for an ecig device, you can get one of the two starter kits offered by Alamo Vapors. The kits however contain advanced vaping devices such as mods and will therefore guarantee an improved vaping experience. Both starter kits are great for those who desire a long lasting battery life and thick/dense vapor volume.

Contrarily, you can also find ecig accessories to go with your ecig devices. Some of the accessories available at Alamo Vapors include atomizers, replacement dual coil tank and cartomizers, drip tips and clearomizers.

Moreover, if you are looking for eliquid, you can find it in a lot of flavors at Alamo Vapors. Along with the variety in flavors, since the liquid is manufactured in the US, it is high in quality and is safe to use. It is however important to note that you can only pick the nicotine strength of certain flavors and not all. Some of the flavors available at Alamo Vapors include Black Cherry, USA Mix, Menthol, Apple, Strawberry and others.

I have to say, I was taught that if you can’t say anything nice about anyone, then say nothing at all.  But I’m here helping consumers so I only feel it’s right to point out that this company could use a serious website re-design. It’s very elementary!  Take a look at it, I did a screen capture for all to see.  It looks like an old GeoCities website!  I’m just in shock that a company in such an emerging market can’t invest in a proper website.  Is it just me, or does anyone else feel this way?

In other news, I just took a peak at Vermillion River E juice.  See how they compare by reading the full review.

Alamo vapors