Velvet Cloud

With the emergence of countless vapor brands that manufacture e-liquids for ecigs, it can often be difficult to differentiate the great from the average. Velvet Cloud vapor is a brand for the vapers out there who like the finer things in life and the name of their flavors reflects just that. They are packaged beautifully with funny names such as Night Shift and Summer Sweet which incite the more artistic vapers. The brand image that Velvet Cloud vapor has been working with is the provision of high-quality vaping liquid that is manufactured entirely in the United States with superior vegetable glycerin which they produce locally and pass through a number of tests. If you have found your e-liquid to be loaded with chemicals, this brand can provide a slightly more organic option.

Velvet Cloud is another up and company vapor cigarette brand name.  They aren’t well known, but don’t take that for poor quality.

The brand absolutely does not use propylene glycol or any ingredients that are detrimental to health. The result is a pure, tested liquid that can easily be vaped in large amounts without any side effects or bad after taste. The ingredients are hand-selected which is why you will find no artificial coloring or imported nicotine liquid. Velvet Cloud vapor is the safest and tastiest way to vape no matter what your vaping preferences are.