Vermillion River E Juice

There are many large vapor companies out there that have a very impersonal way of dealing with customers. If you are looking for a more personal approach and want quality along with special treatment, then a smaller company might be just what you need. This brand believes in smaller production so that quality is more uniform and so that it can be checked more efficiently. They pride themselves on providing the ‘American experience’ as they call it. They treat each person with a special interest so vapers are inspired to return and order more. You also have the option of replacing any item you are dissatisfied with or returning it completely with a full money back guarantee.

They have their Kentucky blends which are their premium range and you get a few good quality classic e cig blends there. The price is rather affordable at $9.95 in comparison with many other brands out there. Their range is divided into fruits, coffee, tobacco, mint, dessert and classic flavors. There is something for every vaper here. The packaging is sturdy even though it isn’t very aesthetic and you might not enjoy travelling with it as it isn’t impressive but the product itself is great especially from this price point.

Another smaller e liquid brand is the Velvet Cloud brand.  I’m always enthused by the up and coming brand names that have local followings and am doing my best to review each and every one of them.