6-Flavor Sampler (10 ML)

Instead of purchasing one bottle of V2 e-liquid, you can now have a 6-piece sampler at a very affordable range. It is highly convenient as you can enjoy six flavor sampler 10 mlvaping anytime and any flavor that you prefer where ever you are and you don’t have to worry about one bottle of e-liquid being finished because you always have others available with you. This V2 6-flavour sampler does not have any ordinary flavors, but it offers one of the highest quality flavors that are long lasting as well as delicious and has a wonderful aroma.

You can now taste the entire variety of rich tobacco and cool menthol flavors with this V2 6-flavour sampler. The menu of flavors includes three tobacco and three menthol flavors. With the help of V2 6-flavor sampler you have the ability to try different flavors and find the one that suits you. This 6-piece sampler is available with one 10 ML bottle of every flavor. Each authentic tobacco flavor has its own delicious taste that is distinct from the others, such as the taste of traditional leaf tobacco. You can try the full range of tobacco and find if you prefer the advanced taste of Congress, the domestic flavor of V2 Red or the striking flavor of Sahara.

The V2 variety of menthol flavors includes the most popular flavor of V2 menthol, the refreshing flavor of green tea menthol and peppermint flavor. V2 offers this great deal of 6 specialty flavors that are hand crafted flavors and this 6- sampler specialty flavors includes one 10 ML bottle of each. You can get a truly authentic experience with the V2 specialty flavor. These specialty flavor e-liquid samplers come with cherry, vanilla, chocolate, grape, coffee and V2 cola. These flavors are available in full nicotine strengths.

If you want to try more flavors at once, read about the larger size sampler in our next article.