Aluminum Drip Tips

Drip tips have a wide variety of functions and they are something which no vapor frequent or otherwise can do without on a normal day to day basis. If you have blank cartridges from V2 then aluminum drip tips are even more of a necessity for you.

The first and major function which they are used for is filling as well as refilling the flavor cartridges without spilling anything out. Not only do they aluminum drip tipsmake the entire process much simpler as well as cleaner, they are pretty much indispensable if you want to do a good job of it and aren’t interested in getting the e-liquid everywhere.

The process is quite simple as you need to attach the drip tips to the blank cartridges and start pouring in the e-liquid as you would do with a funnel. Nothing ever gets spilled and you can also correctly deduce how much you have ended up putting in the cartridge which tells you when to stop. The only drawback which has been reported by some vapors is that the drip tips are aluminum which means they aren’t very bendable and can be difficult to use.

On the other hand they are very durable and you won’t need to buy as many of them in a row because they last a long time even if they aren’t very bendable per se. In a standard blank cartridge you can fill in about twenty drops of e-liquid before you need to stop.

All V2 drip tips are made with the same attention to detail and quality of construction that can be expected from the top brands. It is up to you to decide whether the aluminum ones suit you more or the rubber ones because V2 makes both.

Aluminum drip tips look better as they are more attractive and chic and if you are planning to refill your cartridge in public they will do the job and look good too. However if you are concerned only with functionality you may want to consider the rubber drips as well which bend well and overall perform great.

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