Aluminum Drip Tips

V2 Drip Tips are awfully handy to use and make life so much easier. I believe that they are a life saver for me. I remember using e-liquids without the help of aluminum drip tips and would always end up spilling the e-liquid and wasting it. How long could I mourn over the spilt e-liquid but now with the invention of aluminum drip tips you can easily re-fill your blank cartridges without having to fear about spilling them.

All you have to do is follow simple steps in order to re-fill your blank cartridge.

  • First attach a V2 Drip Tip to the end of the cartridge’s mouth after removing the battery.
  • Then drip about 15-20 drops of your choice of flavored e-liquid to fill the cartridge
  • And you are all set to screw on your battery and enjoy!

It’s your choice if you want to you can either leave the drip tip on or you can remove it if you want to either way you’ll have no issues. V2 Drip Tips are available in both durable aluminum and soft rubber materials. You can choose any of them that suit your requirements. All of these Drip Tips are sold in 3 packs quantities.

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Aluminum Drip Tips are sleek and attractive with smooth durable aluminum construction. Though the rubber drip tips are affordable, long lasting and soft and easy on the teeth I personally prefer the aluminum Drip Tips. These help get a lot more vapors when compared to a standard cartridge. I believe it’s definitely worth all the money.

I really like adding these high quality aluminum Drip Tips to my V2 tanks EX blanks as they give the whole e-cig a very pretty and a classy look. Ideally I pair it with a silver V2 Ex battery for the best possible look.

V2 providing all these little benefits to its users ultimately satisfies them completely. All these simple things make a lot of difference. Many brands tend to ignore these little comforts; however, V2 consistently keeps surprising us with these little treats.

V2 has completely won me over with the wonderful accessories. These aluminum drip tips are a must have even if you don’t use them a lot for dripping e-liquid when re-filling your cartridge. If you have a habit of biting the end while vaping it is still a far better mouthpiece instead of the standard plastic insert it comes with.

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