Car Adapter- 2 Amp

V2 makes a number of charging kits with the car adapter as part of the line up but if you are not looking to buy any of those and simply want to buy the car adapter on your own then this is a useful buy because it lets you charge your ecig in the car and you no longer need to worry you will run out of car adapter 2 ampcharge while on the go.

The other major advantage which you get from using this car adapter is that you get to use it with you iconic Smart charger which has many benefits. The Smart charger has been known to charge twice as fast as any other charger and it also stops batteries from burning out as it can shut down automatically and prevent this from happening. The Smart charger is also available in most starter kits and is designed to be used with this car adapter.

The many fun features of the Smart charger are due to the internal chip which exists inside the charger which makes it fast and also gives it the intelligence of knowing when to shut down. The car adapter can be used on virtually any boat or car with a power socket of 12 volts which most power outlets tend to be anyway. The car adapter has the voltage which is recommended for most V2 products so there are very little chances of your ecig burning out or being overcharged due to this device.

Most vapors swear by the method of vaping in their cars with the adapter firmly plugged in because it gives the best possible vapor that you can get because there is no battery degradation. You can avail this opportunity by turning on your ecig whenever you are in the car and enjoying a long vape. The thickest vapor is created this way and this is the best way to use your car adapter.

The 2 amp means it has plenty of power even though it is quite small and very portable but that by no means lessens how quick it charges or how effective it is as a charger.

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