Car Adapter

Although electronic cigarettes have been on the market since 2003, they had hardly made it through the store shelves in their early days. It was the next big thing that many people didn’t know about until V2 made its entry into the e-cigarette industry in 2010.

Due to the increased awareness of dangers of smoking and with the sky high prices of tobacco people desperately needed an alternative that provided a cheaper and a healthier smoking experience.

There are so many benefits of using V2 e-cigs that it may be hard for me to list them down. When I ordered my Ultimate Kit from V2 I was really happy to see all those little treats and comforts it came with. Normally other e-cig brands don’t pay a lot of attention on minute details but that’s how V2 gets you hooked.

The V2 Car adapter is one of the most useful items in the Kit. You can charge your V2 on the go and use your V2 Power E-cig and Notebook E-cig in your car. Most of the times when I don’t get time to charge my batteries I charge them in the car. I am usually getting late for office and I am too lazy to keep record of the charge so this car adapter helps me solve this issue pretty easily. All I have to do is plug the charger in the car and I can enjoy the vaping experience and charge the batteries at the same time.

This adapter plugs into a standard 12-volt power outlet found in most cars, trucks and boats. Simply just plug your V2 USB smart charger into the V2 car adapter and you’re ready for mobile charging. The V2 Car adapter outputs 5 volt DC at 2amp. This is the maximum recommended output for use with all V2 Cigs products.

Since I travel a lot, I am always on the go and do a lot of road trips that take at least 3-6 hrs one way every other weekend; I usually lose charge in one of my batteries often. So to solve that problem I always keep my car adapter with me at all times. So this keeps charge in all my batteries at all times wherever I go, it’s never a problem.

V2 has certainly gone to certain extents to ensure that we don’t have to face sudden stoppages in our vaping experience. So many things to love about V2!  I just wish they had a metal carry case for the car adapter.  Would be a nice touch.