Charger Kit + Car Adapter

The Vapor Couture Charger Kit + Car Adapter is the ultimate accessory you need to be able to charge your Vapor Couture battery through any power charger kit and car adpatersource available. This way, no matter where you are and what situation you are in, you will be able to charge your Vapor Couture battery and hence never have to wait to be able to smoke your electronic cigarette.

The Vapor Couture electronic cigarette is a two-piece design, which consists of a Vapor Couture Battery and a Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridge which you connect together to be able to smoke. The flavor cartridges can be bought in many different and unique flavors that are all great and also come in four different nicotine strengths, including a nicotine-free type, depending on your preference. The Vapor Couture Battery is rechargeable, meaning that you can use the Vapor Couture Charger Kit + Car Adapter to charge it through any of the different power sources available depending on if you are at home, office, or in your car. Both the batteries and the flavor cartridges come in a number of different colors and designs which you can choose from.

The Vapor Couture Charger Kit + Car Adapter is a great accessory because it provides you with the option of never having to put down your electronic cigarette as you can always have a battery ready and charged for whenever you want to smoke. Just get a pair of batteries and even if one runs out, you can just put it on charging and use the other one while it charges. The package includes a Mini Charger that can be plugged into any USB port, as well as a Wall Adapter that you can use for when you want to plug it into a power outlet, and a Car Adapter for if you are traveling in a vehicle. The Wall Adapter comes in in three different models (UK, USA, and EU) depending on where you live.

A smart internal chip prevents your e-cigarette from getting damaged through overcharging by shutting it off when it is fully charged and an indicator light turns on to let you know it is fully charged. The Vapor Couture Charger Kit + Car Adapter is available for just $19.95.

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