Charger Kit

The Vapor Couture Charger Kit is a must-have accessory for woman smokers who want to be able to smoke at any time that they please. Vapor charger kitCouture electronic cigarettes are a two-piece design, where you have a Vapor Couture battery and a Vapor Couture flavor cartridge which you connect together to be able to smoke. These come in various different colors and flavors that you can choose from, depending on your own preferences.

The Vapor Couture battery needs to be charged from time to time for you to be able to enjoy the experience of smoking electronic cigarettes and this is where the Vapor Couture Charger Kit comes into play. The Vapor Couture Charger Kit consists of two things. One is a Mini Charger that you can plug into any USB port to be able to charge the battery that you have, while the Mini Charger is also small in size so it can easily fit in a Vapor Couture Smartphone Clutch, which is another great accessory that Vapor Couture offers, but is not included in the Charger Kit package.

If you do not have access to a USB port wherever you are, the great thing about the Vapor Couture Charger Kit is that it also comes equipped with a Wall Adapter that can allow the batter you have to be charged through any wall outlet. All you have to do is plug the Mini Charger into the Wall Adapter and you can charge the battery that you have by plugging the Wall Adapter into any power outlet.

The Wall Adapter comes in three different models that you can choose from, depending on where you live. The three models are European (EU), American (US), and English (UK) models, so no matter which of the three places you live at, you do not have to worry about what power source you can plug it into or not.

Another great feature of the Charging Kit is that it possesses the ability to automatically stop the battery from charging if it is fully charged, so as to avoid damaging it, through the use of a smart internal chip, and all of this comes for a price of just $14.95.

Jazz up your ecigs with this accessory while supplies last. You should also keep researching our favorite ecig brands here.