Clove Cartridges

This is one of the nicest flavors in the entire V2 range and was launched as part of the Zig-Zag range. It is hard to find the equivalent of this flavor in cheaper brands and it is definitely a very different one to start with.

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V2 Clove Review

Clove is a very unusual combination since it tastes slightly of gingerbread pie along with a slicing of pumpkin pie. This makes it very different and it might not go well with everyone for the same purpose.

Newer users in particular are not going to find much satisfaction with this flavor for the reason that it may be too sweet at times which can be a little off-putting. Apart from that the flavor is predominately spicy and tangy which means it can suit that kind of palette as well. It appears the flavor is just to break the monotony as few may consider it appropriate for everyday vaping.

If however you like spicy e-liquids with a sneaky sweetness then this is definitely the flavor for you. It does leave an aftertaste however which leaves much to be desired. Some may prefer it and others may not.

The aftertaste has the slight bitterness of spices and mainly ginger which reminds one of Christmas and the holiday season which brings back lots of memories. The flavor is a good one for the weekends also when you feel like changing up your vaping schedule and trying something very different from what you are used to.

The major drawback remains that the aftertaste makes the flavor tiresome after a while so the e-liquid really can’t be vaped regularly. It needs to be alternated with other flavors in order to be bearable and it really has a more festive feel to it so you are better off leaving it for infrequent use. Apart from that the flavor is a wonderful combination.

Vapor Production

The vapor production is quite good although the aftertaste compromises this a little bit. The vapor can be partly attributed to the ecig device itself but the flavor does provide a brilliant throat hit. The gingery notes hit first followed by a burst of sweetness, to be finished off to perfection by spicy undertones.

The cartridges come in two nicotine concentrations which are 1.8% and 2.4%. While the e-liquid itself comes in only one strength which is 1.8%.

Some people don’t like coffee, which I consider extremely rare because everyone I know drinks coffee daily.  I can say whole heartedly that the V2 Coffee flavor is my favorite cartridge.