Coffee Flavor

V2 Cigs, owned by VMR Products, has built a reputation for itself for having flavors which taste complex but are actually of a very simple composition. The focus is very much on fine blends and a discernable theme which even other premium brands cannot compare to. V2 Coffee is described as something out of an American doughnut house or a cup of java. It is a very specific coffee flavor which is precisely what makes it so wonderful to vape.

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V2 Cigs Coffee Flavor Review

The Columbian Feel

V2 Coffee is an old school Columbian blend so it’s made for a more sophisticated palette and not really designed to suit everyone. This is one of the major reasons why this flavor is not as popular as many others that V2 has come up with in their range. This flavor just sits at the back of the shelf till a user decides they’ve had enough sweet in their vaping menu.

Not that V2 Coffee is a bitter flavor. It is sweet enough and comes with a rich feel of just the right amount of sugar and cream. The taste feels like the coffee has been brewed fresh from some coffee beans and prepared right there and then. The effect is also much the same once you actually start vaping.

The flavor is for all those vapers who enjoy a nice mug of coffee in the morning and throughout the day to energize themselves. Now they can have the same effect with their ecigs with this refreshing and alluring coffee flavor. The flavor does include the taste of milk and cream which lessens some of the inherent bitterness of the coffee beans that are used for flavoring.

Throat Hit And Experience

The experience is very positive and much like having a home brewed cup of coffee. The effect wears off after a while and one does need to vape a little more than usual. With a lower nicotine strength of say 0.6%, the flavor is not much of a deterrent for newly converted smokers or addicts. At best it can be described as a light vape with a rich American home taste.

You get the cartridges in a light to medium brown color like coffee mixed with milk while it is brewing hot. Vapers will find that this flavor gets tiring after a while although it is very satisfying in the beginning but it leaves a certain aftertaste which some may like and some may not.

If you like the regular tobacco taste, you should check out the Congress flavor cartridges.  They are very like a tobacco blend you’d get in a traditional cigarette.