Cola Flavor

I had very recently bought the V2 Beginner’s Kit for the review of a product and I found some amazing things about this company. As compared to other e-cig brands they are much cheaper, have a really good product quality and the best things that they have an enormous range of flavors. When I went to their website and saw all those flavors listed on the page I went crazy. It felt I was 6 again when the sight of candies used to make me scream with happiness.

When I read they had Cola flavor, I was like what? This is a must have and I am buying it right away. Since the Beginner’s Kit comes with 5 flavor packs of cartridges, I ordered 3 packs of Cola flavored cartridges and 2 of Vanilla.

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V2 Cola Review

We all have heard those health professionals criticizing Soda consumption all the time. My personal trainer had actually banned them on me; I wasn’t allowed to drink Cola because I was overweight. Trust me obesity leads to so many other problems but you just can’t resist Cola, can you? So imagine after years of no Cola I suddenly get to smoke Cola flavored e-cigs, man I was over the moon. I was so happy about it. I couldn’t wait any longer and when finally my package arrived, I tore the box open.

It was amazing, the same taste as Cola drink. Crisp and sweet, it’s going to pep you up for sure. Every puff used to enhance the taste of cola in your mouth and you would just want more and more of it every single time. Getting all these flavors perfectly right I think that’s a pretty good job a company can do and I believe the power to produce awesome flavors like these resides alone with the V2 Company. All of their flavors are equally incredible.

There are so many other flavors that you could try:

  • V2 Red
  • Sahara
  • Congress
  • Menthol
  • Green Tea Menthol
  • Peppermint
  • Grape
  • Cherry
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Cola

There are some limited edition flavors, some are zigzag flavors equally awesome and a must try. I don’t think I’ll be waiting long to try them out. The Cola and other flavors have actually raised my expectations a lot. Over all I had a wonderful vaping experience with the V2 Kit and I am sure I am going to be their long-term customer.

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