Grape Cartridges

V2 Cigs does not do a lot of fruity flavors or as many as you are likely to find with other brands, including cheaper ones. V2 Grape is one of their most popular flavors and it has been well-loved ever since it was launched. It fills the void of fruity goodness in the flavor range of V2 and provides a good break if you have been on a streak of vaping menthol and tobacco flavors from the same range.

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V2Cigs Grape Review

A Good Choice For The Summers

V2 Grape has been one of the renowned summer flavors which suit every type of palette. Like many of the other V2 offerings, the flavor is not very sickly sweet and sets a good balance. You still get the sourness of the grape along with the sweet taste which occurs when the fruit is completely ripe. This two part combination is rather uncommon in cheaper e-liquids which aren’t blended well enough to show this discrepancy.

If anything this V2 flavor displays the combination wonderfully. There is a jumpy juiciness to the flavor as if you are devouring the fruit itself. The effect is very realistic although it remains to be seen how much satisfaction it can have for people who are used to large doses of nicotine via traditional cigarettes.

Choosing Your Blend

You can customize the flavor according to your wishes by adding more nicotine such as a higher strength of 2.4% or by adding tobacco. V2 recommends enjoying the flavor on its own without customizing the blend. V2 Cigs offers the high level of 2.4% nicotine and no more. Some brands out there do offer larger doses of nicotine which makes V2 not the ideal choice if you are used to that as a user.

However if you are trying to cut back and rely more on the flavor, you really can’t go wrong with V2 Grape as it is a stellar classic and loved by everyone who tries it. It can be bought in bulk and since it is not a combination of other fruits, it can be used as a base to add more flavors into the blend.

The color it comes in is a rich beautiful purple which closely resembles the color of wine. The vapor itself also gives off a similar feel which is regal and sophisticated as well as highly satisfying at the same time. Not to mention there is no bitter after taste which one often gets with fruity e-liquids.

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