Vapor Couture L’Essentiel Kit

The Vapor Couture L’Essentiel Kit is great for women who want to quit smoking nicotine or just try smoking different flavors of electronic cigaretttes while looking stylish and elegant at the same time. The L’Essentiel Kit contains every single thing that you may need to be able to smoke, including five cartridges each of two different flavors that you can smoke whenever you want and wherever you want. You also get to choose these two flavors out of a choice of six distinct flavors which are all highly enjoyable depending on your preference. All you need to do is keep the battery charged by using the charger kit that is provided with the kit.

lessentiel kit

The items that are included in the L’Essentiel Kit are:

• A Charger Kit
• User Manual
• A pair of Vapor Couture Batteries
• Two 5-packs of Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges

The e-cigarette comes in a basic two-piece design so you only have to connect the flavor cartridge that you want with the Vapor Couture battery and you are good to go. The great thing is that you can order both the battery and the flavor cartridge in matching colour and design so that the e-cigarette you smoke also looks stylish as well.

You can get the 2 batteries in 4 different designs, which include the sleek and feminine Brushed Platinum, a delicate Rose Gold, the stylish White Signature, and a Deep Purple. You can choose one battery in a different design and the other in a different one so that the flavor cartridge design you select matches the battery that you use with that specific flavor.

The Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges come in six different and distinct flavors, which include:

▪ Rodeo Drive – A hearty and rich all-American tobacco flavor.
▪ Bombshell – A smooth and exotic Turkish tobacco flavor.
▪ Fresh Mint – A fresh, cool and delicious menthol flavor.
▪ Arctic Mint – A sensuous Arctic blast of mint flavor.
▪ Strawberry Champagne – A full-bodied fruity flavor treated with a hint of passion.
▪ Passion Fruit – A flavor that tickles your sweet tooth with its fun and fruity flavor.

The L’Essentiel Kit includes 5-packs of two of these flavors and you can get any of them in the four different designs that you choose which are the same options that you get as with the batteries. This way you can have matching designs of batteries and flavor cartridges for both of the flavors that you choose, for example if you choose the Brushed Platinum design for the first battery and a Fresh Mint flavor 5-pack and a Deep Purple design for the second battery and the second 5-pack of Passion Fruit flavor cartridges.

The great thing about the L’Essentiel Kit is that you can choose from four different levels of nicotine strength for the flavor cartridges that you select, which is something that is not available in the basic Entree Kit. You can choose from a 0% nicotine strength which is essentially nicotine-free for people who just want to be able to smoke the flavor in the cartridges without any bad effects that result from nicotine use, a 0.6% nicotine strength for someone who wants to taste the different flavors as well as inhaling some small amount of nicotine, a 1.2% nicotine strength for someone who wants to feel like they are smoking something strong with the flavor, and a 1.8% nicotine strength level for the serious smoker that wants to taste all the flavor with the highest possible nicotine strength that they can get.

Both the batteries that are included in the L’Essentiel Kit are rechargeable and can be charged using the Charger Kit that is included in the package, so you are ready to smoke wherever you might be. This is a great option for someone who wants to be able to smoke at any time that they want, as even if one battery runs out of charge, they can use the other battery while they charge the first one. You can get all of this at an extremely affordable price of $64.95, which means that you save more than $16 from if you bought all the different items that you get in this kit individually.

If you are more interested in the maximum kit you can get, then read on for this high end kit.