Menthol Cartridges

This is the second menthol flavor that V2 Cigs offers. Although their regular flavors are also brilliant, they have really outdone themselves with new version of menthol. Regular Menthol has been one of their most popular flavors, as it is with most vapor brands, for a while now which is why this variation comes highly appreciated.

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V2 Menthol Flavor Profile Review

The first note which is noticeable as soon as you start vaping is the fresh smoothness of the vapor. The hit is not instant or very strong. The flavor builds up to end up at a medium level minty flavor which is not irritating to the throat or the senses.

V2 Menthol gets extra points for avoiding the major pitfalls that have come to be associated with menthol and mint related flavors. Often the taste tends to be too strong and the vapor washes over the throat in a flush of mint which is not pleasing to a lot of people.

In the case of V2 Menthol you get a lot more substance in the flavor which adds character to the vape. It is a stellar classic and you simply can’t go wrong especially if you find most flavors to be too sweet or too sour for you.

The flavor does leave an aftertaste however and this can go both ways if you are a user that is hard to impress. Most people do not mind an aftertaste as long as it is not bitter. However cheaper e-liquids are not necessarily able to accomplish this which is why premium brands like V2 are always better in this regard.

The aftertaste you get here is very much like the taste you get after finishing a pack of gum or after you’ve swallowed a breath mint. The effect is subtle but pleasing and it also makes this flavor very good to vape again and again as it also has a psychological impact of being refreshing and soothing.

The nicotine strength choice is quite limited in this Zig-Zag flavor since you only get two to choose from which is rather disappointing but given the texture of the flavor it does not affect the quality of the vape so much.

You get two high settings which are 1.8% and 2.4% so if you are used to having a lot of nicotine in your flavors then you will get along just fine. However if you don’t like nicotine so much or are trying to cut back, your only option is to opt for 0% when ordering.

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