Metal Carry Case

It is not always a good idea to carry around your vaping gear in your purse as it can get damaged or lost which is why the metal carry case has been metal carrying casecreated by V2. This case keeps all your gear safe and away from harm and also looks great doing it. The case is absolutely feather light which is the first advantage which you notice right away when you buy it. This means you can carry it with you easily or simply slip it inside a hand bag or brief case.

Even though this is the smaller carry case of the two metal ones that are available it can still fit two batteries and two cartridges in it which offer you a great deal of convenience especially if you are going to be traveling and aren’t sure what you will need and how much you will vape.
All you need to do is slide it back and forth in order to open and close it and there is no complex locking mechanism. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on how you look at it. Since the case does not lock anyone can open it and access your gear.

The case is available in three main colors which are two shades of grey and white. It makes quite a statement when it is used in public and it really stands out because of its rounded edges and smart looks. You will have a wonderful time moving around with it and will want to have it in your bag or coat pocket.

You can only use the Shorty batteries with or the standard size ones so don’t opt for the larger batteries if you are thinking of buying and using this case. Its size is more of an advantage than a disadvantage because it can fit nearly anywhere and that is what is so lovely about it.

It has the V2 logo on it which really helps it to stand out and you know you carry the brand with you wherever you go and it will also alert people to the fact that you have taste.

For the portability of charging, you will need to read about this special case.