Metal Carry Case XL

If you are a vapor you will be required to carry a certain number of ecig related accessories with you at all times. If they are put into a bag or just xl metal carry casesprawled around they will surely break, leak or get damaged which is why the metal carry case has been created in XL size. This has been made to cater to all the needs of the vapor who wants to be well-equipped on the go.

This case fits just about everything. Now this could be testament to the large size or could be a simple manufacturing ideal but it fits all the V2 available sizes for batteries as well as flavor cartridges. You can stock up in your case without worrying whether something will fit or not.

When you open the cover you will realize you can fit inside 2 batteries and three flavor cartridges which is a lot even if you are traveling. The case has proven brilliant even for people who vape a lot and need supplies accordingly.

When you slide the case closed it keeps everything safe. Consider your vaping gear protected from dust, wind and moisture and the thick metal is terribly durable which means you can even drop the case without worrying about it. It protects the accessories in every possible way and the case itself is made from pure metal and is made to last.

Given that the designing of the case is very sophisticated with a sleek metal finish, it definitely makes a statement whenever it is taken out in public or in front of people. It represents the style of the V2 brand and its vast superiority to other similar brands and their carry cases. You can buy the case in white, grey and stainless steel.

It carries the V2 logo on the front proudly and is very aesthetically made. It also prevents leakages from the flavor cartridges because there are special slots made for the cartridges inside the case which prevent them from moving around a lot or getting damaged. Carry the case in your purse or bag and never worry about your vaping gear sliding around.

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