Metal Carry Case

The V2’s e-cig metal case is a beautifully designed case that all your V2 batteries can fit in it easily. The metal case is super sleek in design, light weight and so much easier to carry. When you open the cover, it has a space especially for 2 batteries, if like carrying extra batteries to be safe and a space for 3 flavor cartridges or batteries.

I always keep 2 extra batteries with myself in the metal case and 3 of my favorite flavor cartridges. So I am always ready to vape with my V2 e-cigs all the time. Once you have put all your favorite cartridges and batteries in the metal case you slide it close and everything is protected inside. Since it is made of metal it protects your e-cigs from getting damaged. The metal case is made of a hard material that cannot be broken easily.

With its pretty and unique design it’s very eye-catching, I notice people staring at the case at certain places when I pull it out. It’s the coolest carrying case ever. Isn’t that awesome that you can flaunt your style and vape at the same time while you’re using V2 e-cigs? Everything when combined together makes us want to love V2.

I usually carry this case when I am going for an official meeting, it gives a signal that I am an organized and a stylish person at the same time. These petty things in reality count a lot. I remember the last time I has used my boss noticed the case and actually appreciated my choice and the next thing I see is him carrying his own Metal Case in the next meeting.

This is a product that everyone who is using electronic cigarettes should definitely have it. It’s sleek and attractive look not only makes carrying things easy but protects them as well.

I absolutely love V2 products and I am always recommending it to all my friends. Currently these metal cases are available in

  • Graphite
  • Stainless Steel
  • & Glossy White Colors.

Although even these colors are very pretty but I would really appreciate if they would launch some customized metal cases or add variation and a little more bright colors women love. I would love to own a bright pink Metal Case, I know it’s pretty girlish but that’s how I am.