Pina Colada

All of the limited edition offerings in V2 Cigs’s flavor range are relatively complex flavors. Being a top of the line premium brand, it had previously gotten away with simple flavor such as coffee and vanilla but they soon realized the need for an extra kick. Most people nowadays are becoming harder and harder to satisfy since the choice of e-liquid flavors is immense.

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V2Cigs Pina Colada Review

As the name suggests the e-liquid is modeled after the drink. The composition consists of coconut and pineapple with some sweeter undertones. The first taste you feel is of the tanginess of the pineapple and the tropical feel of the coconut but the overall flavor is above all that.

The theme (all the V2 Cigs flavors have underlying themes) is of a summery holiday when one can imagine vaping this on the beach with the sun shining down. The packaging etc are all designed to reflect this. The coconut flavor is very refined and ripe, something like the flavor of coconut water rather than of the actual fruit.

The pineapple flavor which is the other key component stands out and the taste is very mushy and warm such as the fruit being overripe. When combined they both offer different elements to the overall flavor. A subtle bitterness is coupled with the sweetness of the pineapple.

The throat hit is considerable although this also depends a great deal on the Propylene Glycol that is present in the mixture and what your chosen nicotine strength is. The flavor can be bought in classic cartridges and the appearance is a little better than the regular flavors you get.

Nicotine Strength

For some reason you don’t get the standard five strengths of nicotine that the brand offers with its other flavors. Obviously there are higher concentrations available elsewhere but V2 has confined itself to a high degree of 2.4%.

With this flavor however you only get the two strengths which are 2.4% and 0%. So in this case you can vape the flavor without any nicotine added at all or you can jump straight to the highest setting. Perhaps other middle settings weren’t offered because they would compromise the taste of the flavor.

V2 Pina Colada is a summer classic although it can enjoyed at absolutely anytime of the year when you are feeling nostalgic for the summers and want an instant vape to pep you up.

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