Portable Charging Case

The Vapor Couture Portable Charging Case is a must-have accessory for all women smokers who use electronic cigarettes. Not only does it function as a stylish fashion accessory but it also holds up to two Vapor Couture flavor cartridges and a Vapor Couture battery as well. The battery that it stores portable charging casecan be charged up to six times before you have to connect the Portable Charging Case to a power source. This means that if you want to use your electronic cigarette and are going on a short trip somewhere where you will always be on the move or somewhere where there is no power outlet available to you at all times, then you will be thanking God that you brought your Portable Charging Case with you and you can smoke in peace.

The great thing about the Portable Charging Case is that it has easily readable indicator lights that tell you how much power is left in charging both the battery and the case, so you always know what you are up against and how you should manage the rest of your time in case of emergency.

The Vapor Couture Portable Charging Case comes in a slim and sleek shape that is very attractive, and has the dimensions 1.5cm tall, 5.5cm wide, and 11cm long. You can also choose from three different designs, which are:

• Deep Purple
• Brushed Platinum
• Rose Gold

The Vapor Couture battery and flavor cartridges also come in these three designs as well as some others, so you can get the same design for all of the items if you want to match them and make a certain look, or you can even mix some of the designs to create a nice-looking contrast and make your own style statement.

The Vapor Couture Portable Charging Case, at a cost of just $59.95, makes sure that you never have to stop smoking just because you have run out of battery. If you have two batteries then you can charge one in the case and use the other whenever you want.

How can any outfit be complete without a stylish clutch to carry your ecig equipment.