Portable Charging Case XL

This has been made by the V2 engineers for the customers who have varying needs which need to be addressed. If you are a working person and are xl portable charging casealways on the go or suffer from never having enough time then a charging case can significantly lessen your worries. It has the ability to charge the ecig up to 8 times before it needs to be charged on its own and this can add a whole new dimension to convenience.

This is the size XL so it is made for extra capacity so it can store more of your ecig accessories and while you are not using it for charging you can always use it as a carrying case. It is very slim and very easy to travel with. You can choose from the colors of white, grey and steel colored.

There are many benefits associated with using this large charging case and they are as follows:-

• It fits into your hand just right which means it is easy to hold and does not strain the muscles.
• It is also very easy to use as all you have to do is switch it on and slide open the cover.
• The battery needs to be screwed on so that it can be charged and with most V2 cigs you will notice that the battery blinks when it is low so that is an indicator that you need to plug it into the charging case.
• There are many indicator lights which let you know how far along your battery is and you can always stop before it has reached full.
• You can carry a battery with you for those long trips when every last bit of power is needed and it also fits in 3 flavor cartridges so you don’t need to carry a separate carrying case.
• Your ecig and your cartridges will be protected from all the wrong sorts of exposure as well as dirt and moisture.
• You can even charge this case in the car if you want and it also connects to a USB port for easy charging.

If you are cramped for space, then the smaller version is what you need.