Portable Charging Case

This is the portable version of the charging case and unlike the XL version it is very small and made for long trips when you are going to be short portable charging casepressed for space. It is overall the size of a pack of traditional smokes and it can fit anywhere and especially feels very ergonomical in one’s hand. You can buy it in three colors which are namely white, grey and steel grey.

The features which accompany this charging case are outlined in more detail below:-

• It fits in your hand very easily and can provide a nice grip which means it won’t be very slippery and also won’t strain the fingers. Not to mention it is small enough to fit inside any bag or purse you normally carry.

• It has a lovely sliding cover which makes it remarkably easy to use.

• There are indicator lights which tell you how the battery is getting charged and how much it has gotten charged already so you can stop anytime you want.

• The battery is taken out from the ecig and screwed into the charging case for charging so that is another aspect of ease of use.

• It carries an extra battery but only two cartridges instead of three which the large case can carry. Even if you decide not to charge, the charging case can be used as a carrying case.

• It can charge your ecig roughly up to four times before you need to plug it in which gives it massive points for convenience. The XL case can give you even more charging times but since this is the portable version, it has to compromise on the amount of power.

• This charging case helps provide a safer experience overall as it protects your ecig and accessories and even if you drop it the components inside will not get damaged.

• The portable charging case is very easy to charge as you can plug it into any power source such as a wall socket or a USB port and it charges relatively quickly.

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