This is one of the best ecigs that V2 manufactures and for good reason. It achieves the highest ratings on the basis of being able to create the best and power e cigthickest vapor. It is the ultimate vape machine and can satisfy even the most experienced vapors that are usually difficult to please.

The main reason why the V2 Power Cig is called the power cig is because it has the ability to intelligently heat the e-liquid to the right temperature. The creation of the right temperature then leads to the best vapor being created. This device is also great for a number of other reasons. The second reason is that it consumes battery less readily than most other ecigs.

When the device is not being consumed in terms of battery it can create brilliant vapor rather consistently. The batteries which are used in the Power cig are the automatic kind so you get a better performance but you will have to do without the benefit of the manual batteries which give you greater control over the device and the vapor thickness. But since this ecig has the thickest vapor anyway, that is nothing to worry about.

The Power cig is available in most ecig starter kit that V2 sells but this is a rare opportunity to buy the ecig separately and you don’t have to pay extra for all the accessories if you don’t need them or if you have accessories that will work just right at home. At the price of $19.95 this is quite a bargain to be had although you will need to consider the price of buying accessories and adapters etc if you don’t already have them.

The Power cig can be used at any USB port or any wall socket regardless of whether you are traveling or moving around. Try to save your V2 batteries for when you are traveling because they come in handy that way and you can always save them in one of the V2 carry cases as the brand makes many. The chargers can be kept for when you need to be working at home or in the office.

If the hard of a metal case, then this soft alternative is what you need.