Power-Cig Kit

All of the V2 ecigs are known for their unparalleled performance but the V2 power cig is one of a kind because it has received even higher ratings than the rest and is a popular ecig from the brand’s range. This kit promises to be exciting at best and is for more seasoned vapors who know how to power cig kitappreciate the finer details compared to newbies who may not know what to look for.

The reason why the power cig is called just that is because it promises the thickest vapor imaginable and that too without the conventional priming of the cigarette. You don’t need to puff away at the ecig before you actually start vaping because this has a very quick atomizer which heats up fast and provides the best vapor imaginable. Apart from being really fast it also has the ability to heat the flavor at the exact temperature needed for the best inhalable vapor.

The other great thing about the Power cig which is also in-keeping with the name is that it consumes very little battery at a time and so-called battery degradation does not occur. This means you get a powerful vape every time and need to charge less often when compared with a lot of other regular ecigs. Also when the battery performs so brilliantly, you can also be assured that the vapor production will not falter and will stay thick quite consistently.

If you have been used to the V2 manual batteries, you will find that the Power Cig performs even better than those and keeps the vapor consistently good and lasts a long time also. It has been especially made keeping in mind the needs of busy people who have very little time to charge their ecigs and who are mostly either going to be moving around a lot or will be seated at a desk and will need thick vapor to get them through the stress of work. It has also been made for the people who work from home.

You can plug in the cartridge just about anywhere from your car to your wall outlet to your desktop computer. All the different adapters are provided in the kit so ease of use is at the maximum. You can save your batteries for when you need to travel, and the chargers can be used in the office or at home easily as they can be plugged into any power socket and the options are many.

You also get a 7.2foot cord which is made for use with a desktop computer and can be used on a desk with a laptop as well. If you are keen on conserving your batteries, you can always keep the ecig plugged into the desktop computer so that battery is saved and this will also guarantee a thicker vapor. Some people prefer a vapor which is not so thick and if that is your personal preference, then you might want to use the ecig without plugging it anywhere.

The Power cig is available only in manual switch so you do miss out on the convenience of automatic switch but the vapor and the performance of the ecig well make up for this little quip. Of course you have the option of buying and trying out as many flavors as you like as V2 has an amazing range but with the starter kit you get a pack of like five flavor cartridges and you can choose the flavors that go into them. Try to opt for the classic tobacco offerings if you aren’t too sure since the V2 red is a popular favorite along with Sahara and Congress.

You can also opt for a varying nicotine strength with all the flavors or you can opt for the same strength if you already know what works for you. The strength should ideally be different depending on the flavor you have gone for but you can also choose to have no nicotine in the blend at all.

When the Power cig is combined with one of the flavor cartridges, the effect is truly phenomenal in terms of vapor production and so on. Plug in anywhere and you are all set to go.

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