Pro Series 3 Wax Cartridge

The V2 Pro Series 3 wax cartridge is one of the highest quality cartridges that you can never find anywhere else. If you are looking for something that pro series three wax cartridgeis compatible with wax, gel, oil and other such concentrates then this Wax cartridge is worth a try. It would deliver rich clouds of vapor and satisfy your taste buds. The Wax cartridge is not like any other ordinary cartridge, it is a lot more powerful and can actually be a great collection for your range of vaping options.

V2 Pro Wax cartridge is extremely handy and easy to use. If you want to fill the cartridge, you just have to twist the top of it. The scoop end of the pick tool that is included can be used to add your preferred ingredient to the cartridge basin. But you have to be careful not to fill more than the rim of basin. If you want to maximize the airflow, with the help of the pointed end of the pick tool you just have to poke a small hole through the wax till the bottom coil. Just reattach the top of the cartridge, into the lower-level chamber of Series 3 device slide the cartridge. After this you just have to press the activation button and have fun vaping.

While you are using your V2 Pro Series 3 Wax cartridge, ensure the wax makes full contact with the heated coil by just holding it vertically. It saves tons of battery life as compared to any other ordinary cartridge. This Wax cartridge is highly convenient. It is compact in size and you can easily carry it with you anywhere you can possibly go. It works very fast and doesn’t heat up, remains on an automatic timer. With the help of this cartridge, you can enjoy vaping just like a regular e-cig and can easily puff here and there whenever you want. You will surely never regret purchasing this product as it is absolutely amazing. It works exactly the way it would and is built solidly with a very sleek design.

To vape well means having the right power at all times and our favorite charger makes that happen.