Rose Gold Battery

The Vapor Couture Rose Gold Battery is one of the pieces that make up the two-piece design of a Vapor Couture electronic cigarette. A Vapor Couture rose gold batteryelectronic cigarette consists of a flavor cartridge and a rechargeable battery which you connect together to be able to smoke. This specific battery comes in a Rose Gold color and design and is a great accessory for women who like a sophisticated pinkish gold color and they can even match it with their clothes if they want to look even more fashionable.

The Vapor Couture Rose Gold Battery is available for a price of just $19.95 and by getting it you can enjoy your electronic cigarette many times as whenever the charging finishes you can just recharge the battery and then smoke away. All you need to do that is to get a Charger Kit and then you can charge your battery anywhere. The battery lasts for about three to six hours once it is fully charged, while it takes about one hour for the battery to get fully charged.

The Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridge also comes in a Rose Gold finish and you can get that together with the Vapor Couture Rose Gold Battery for a look that is full of elegance. The Vapor Couture Battery is also very light-weight and slim, so it looks extremely stylish when you smoke, while the gold-faceted jewel tip of the battery also glows whenever you take a puff. Another great feature of the Vapor Couture battery is that once it needs to be recharged, the tip at the end of the battery starts blinking to let you know that the battery has run out of charge and needs to be connected to a charger.

Vapor Couture Batteries do not need to be started as once you connect the flavor cartridge and take a puff of the electronic cigarette, the atomization process begins. To achieve the maximum and thickest volume of vapor, you can take a few short puffs followed by a long puff, so that the e-liquid inside the battery reaches its peak temperature.

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