Rubber Drip Tips

No vapor can survive without drip tips and rubber drip tips are the best you can get for a number of reasons and they also satisfy many basic functions rubber drip tipsof operating an ecig on a daily basis. If you have the habit of filling flavor cartridges yourself then you will find that you simply cannot get by without rubber drip tips as they make the entire process a whole lot less messy.

The first important function which the drip tip carries out is when you need to fill your cartridge. You simply need to attach the nozzle of the drip tip to the cartridge and the liquid pours freely though and usually it is no more than 15 or 20 drops. The process is greatly simplified because of the use of the drip tip as without it there is a great chance of leakage as well as spillage.

After that all you need to do is attach the battery and you are ready to go. Many vapors also prefer to leave the drip tip on the cartridge because it has been known to prevent leakages and also help the vapor production along. There is always this option if you find that your cartridges tend to leak every now and then.

The drip tips from V2 come in two types which are rubber and aluminum. There are various benefits and drawbacks to using both. With the rubber ones you will need to keep purchasing them as they tend to not be very durable and they will start breaking apart. Apart from that they are easy to use and fairly disposable which some vapors actually prefer especially those that travel a lot because these drip tips tend to be very light.

The aluminum drip tips which are also available from V2 are slightly less disposable which means they will last more and you won’t need to order them as regularly. Apart from that they also make the prime function of refilling easier and it is better to do it with an aluminum drip tip than with a rubber one. On the other hand they may not bend at all and may be slightly difficult to use.

Never loose your equipment with this special accessory.