Series 7 Liquid Cartridge

Series 7 liquid cartridges is not like any other ordinary cartridge as it offers a greater e-liquid capacity and it also offers three voltage settings that can series 7 liquid cartridgebe programmed according to your choice and can be customized according to your preference for long lasting performance and production of thick clouds of vapor. The e-liquid cartridge for Series 7 provides lasting enjoyment without the need of refilling it frequently. You will definitely love its impressive storage capacity when it is paired with V2 Platinum e-liquid of your choice. Series 7 liquid cartridge is made up of the highest quality products.

As Series 7 has three available voltage settings, you need to try out each one to find out the voltage that you like the best. If you find this too technical, don’t worry because the Series 7 is made with a smart technology that can recognize the type of each cartridge and can automatically warm up to the right temperature. Each cartridge has the capacity to hold up to 2.4ml and is able to provide you up to 1200 puffs. With the help of Series 7 liquid cartridge, you can enjoy vaping for a longer period of time with the most satisfying performance. The overall performance of this product is super excellent. It is so user friendly and the battery lasts for a longer period of time.

With the same flavor each time, you should refill the cartridge to maintain consistent flavor profile. Series 7 e-liquid cartridge can be filled up to 20 times with the same flavor being refilled in the cartridge consistently. Over time, the coil and the wicks present inside the cartridge will wear out, so when you notice the diminishing of vapor quality, it is time for a replacement. This e-liquid is compatible with only Series 7. With this Series 7 liquid cartridge, you can take your vaping level to the next level with the extended battery life of Series 7. Another great advantage of this liquid cartridge is that it helps prevent any leakage so now you can easily carry it with yourself without any problem.

To experience your own loose leaf combination, you will definitely need this particular product.