Series 7 Loose Leaf Cartridge

Series 7 Loose leaf cartridge vaporizer is one of the top performing vaporizers. It helps to warm the contents of your loose leaf cartridge which helps toseries seven leaf cartridge produce thick and smooth clouds of vapor. Series 7 is optimized for use with loose leaf and has one of the fastest heats up times in the industry, helping to warm up your preferred dry herb ingredient in just 20-25 seconds in optimal temperature. It also offers you to choose from three different temperature settings in order to create an experience which is fully customized. Conduction heating method is used by Series 7 loose leaf cartridge to create thick clouds of satisfying and rich vapor.

Use dry herb leaf that is shredded or ground, when filling you series 7. Be careful not to fill the cartridge with dry herb beyond the white ceramic line or not to pack the leaf too tightly. All you have to do is slide the cartridge into the recessed chamber and to begin the heating process you just have to push the activation button. You can puff freeing without pushing the button only once the LED perimeter has turned into green color. And after 120 seconds of use, your device will cut of automatically. To suit your preference, it allows you to customize your experience by letting you choose any temperature by the three loose leaf temperature settings.

If you find it hard to manually select the temperature or if you don’t want to select the temperature this way, then the Series 7 has a great technology that will help you recognize any type of cartridge and also warms up automatically to the optimum temperature. With the help of Series 7 loose leaf cartridge you can experience pure flavor. This cartridge is definitely worth a try and you will surely be satisfied with its performance. It works exactly how it is advertised. There is plenty of room for whatever dry leaf product you put in there. Overall, Series 7 Loose leaf cartridge works super excellently and you will never regret purchasing this product.

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