Soft Case

V2 has several different types of carry cases which are used to keep vaping gear safe. The soft case is something of an improvement on the metal soft casevarieties because it is not as hard and can still prove very durable as well as protective for delicate batteries and cartridges. The other thing which is part of why the soft case is so popular is because it is very stylish and comes in a few colors which you can choose from.

The construction of the soft case has been very carefully done with fabric which can withstand a lot without tearing or needing replacement. Rest assured, you can use the soft case for a long time without needing to order a new one.

Furthermore, the case is large enough to accommodate the largest of the V2 batteries comfortably which means you won’t need to order smaller batteries just so they fit inside your case. You can also fit a flavor cartridge inside with the long batteries.

The main purpose of the soft case is to protect your vaping gear against damage by dust as well as water although you do need to be careful about dropping the case with the items in it because unlike the metal variety it cannot protect your items then. The cushioning will stop the fall but there is still a chance that your gear might be damaged.

Three batteries and four cartridges are the limit which is ample even for the more experienced and frequent vapers who find they need to pick up their ecig more than normal people. You can even store items like credit cards inside the case as there is a separate sleeve for it and there is enough space for a variety of other accessories as well.

The case is very aesthetically pleasing and it has a steel plate with the brand logo which looks great. The case comes in many lovely colors such as midnight blue, grey, black and white and the entire idea is sophistication and class which is something of the brand motto as well. The carry case can turn out to be the stuff of dreams because it carries just about everything a vapor needs.

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