Standard E-Liquid Kit

Some starter kits are just made for those first timers that have no experience with ecigs and the V2 standard E-Liquid kit is one of those. It has everything and more that is needed for you to ditch the smoking habit and get started on something which your health will surely thank you for later down the road.standard e liquid kit

What the kit contains in a nutshell:-

• 2 standard batteries in the color of your choice. It also depends whether you want manual or automatic ones.

• 2 25mls bottles for storage.

• 1 pack of EX blanks.

• 1 wall charger adapter

• A smart charger

• A user manual

Just like all the other ecigs, you have a pretty basic mechanism which only consists of the cartridge and the battery. When you join these together, you are ready to start using the device. There are a few tells which will alert even a beginner that it is time to change the cartridge of the ecig. The first indication would be that the taste starts going like its burnt and there might be an accompanying smell. Secondly the cartridges are only due to last some 250 puffs and depending on the frequency of your vape, you will need to replace after that.

The ecig itself comes with a built in atomizer and that is good news for the vapor because it means minimal upkeep and cleaning hassles. You will need to give the ecig some good starting up pump which will get the atomizer heated up so that it can start converting the flavor into inhalable vapor. It is recommended to puff heavily a few times to really get the circuits going.

The smart charger is the other wonder element of the starter kit as this charger can literally bring your battery to full in just two hours breaking all records and it also prevents the battery from burning out due to overcharging as it automatically shuts down when the battery is full.

The battery is the standard 79mms and it lasts a few days even as long as you are careful but you may need to charge every now and then if you vape more frequently than that. When the battery begins to run out of juice it blinks and you will know it is time to pull out the charger. If you are using an automatic battery then you may need to give it some time to start up as it will need to feel the pull from you in order to give the atomizer the signal to heat up.

With manual batteries the case is slightly different as there is a rubber button on the body of the ecig which is used to kick start the battery. With these sorts of batteries the plus point is that you get a lot more control than you would in an automatic battery. To some level you can dictate how thick the vapor production will inevitably be. The only drawback with manual ones is that they don’t leave your hands free for multitasking the way you would be if you were using an automatic battery.

V2 offers the greatest range of flavors to choose from and the good thing is that you can customize them as you wish and also mix and match to create new flavors which you can then store in the bottles which you get in this starter kit. Some e-liquids actually taste better if they are left to sit for some time.

The tobacco ones are some of the best as far as V2 is concerned and you can choose from Congress, Sahara and V2 red which are refined, Turkish and American red tobacco and they are all delightful blends. Apart from the tobacco ones which can also be mixed with menthol and peppermint commonly, there are countless fruity options and dessert options like vanilla and chocolate and cherry. You can invest in a sampler kit if you are unsure of what flavors to order as that gives you a chance to try a lot of different flavors.

The nicotine strength is another matter and some find that the highest strength is far too strong so lower strengths are preferable especially for beginners as the kit is also geared towards beginners.

If you want extra features, then you might want to take a look at this next kit.