Standard Kit- EX Series

If you are interested in trying out the V2 EX range, then this starter kit can be the perfect starting point because it can give you a taste of what the range has to offer and do that too at a competitive price of $79.95. If you have previously been using some other starter kit then upgrading to this one is also pretty easy. You get two packs of cartridges, two batteries, and a charger kit which is compatible with both standard batteries as well as EX standard kit ex seriesbatteries.

You can mix up the flavors that you go for but there isn’t a special range for the EX series and you just have the regular tobacco flavors and the dessert and fruit options. You can vary up the nicotine strength and there are many options available to you such as 0%, 0.6% and onwards up to 2.4% which is the highest setting. The most popular flavors are the typical green tea, cherry and cola but the tobacco and menthol flavors are also to die for.

If you are feeling up to it you can also customize the flavors and create your own blends for a more pleasurable experience which is what V2 encourages anyway since they are a very customer-oriented brand.

Just like the other ecigs the EX ecig also has a primary design although the main difference you will notice is in the form of performance not so much in the construction of the ecig. The design consists of the cartridge and the battery put together and that is how it functions. The cartridges are filled with e-liquid which is ideally made from water, flavorings, nicotine and propylene glycol. Since the ecig has a built in atomizer, you will need to carry out very little maintenance on the whole device which is a plus point.

V2 also has a quality assurance policy which enables every customer to be able to write to the company and find out how the product is being manufactured and there is also information available about every batch that is made. The Ex starter kit comes with automatic batteries only and there are no manual batteries available which guarantee maximum performance. The batteries are all 100mm and are the ideal weight and size especially if you are going to be taking them with you on a trip somewhere.

Save the charging (all the adapters etc are provided in the starter kit) for when you go to work or when you are at home and save your batteries for trips where you won’t have the time or the ease to charge. All you need to do is assemble your ecig and start puffing away as you would on a traditional cigarette. When you start puffing away the heating element inside the ecig is actually activated and it starts heating the flavor so that thick, luscious vapor can be created.

Every EX cartridge that is included in this starter kit will last you approximately 400 puffs more or less depending on how frequently you take out your ecig for vaping. There is a small window on the side of the cartridge so that you can keep track of how much flavor is left and when it is time to change the cartridge. Most vapers swear by the method of changing the cartridge when the vapor starts to taste different or burnt.

The EX battery blinks slightly whenever it is time for you to charge which is fortunate because not all ecig batteries have this feature which is so immensely useful. You can plug in the battery whenever you need to charge and the smart charger charges within two hours. If you prefer not to charge and use batteries, they will last you a week or a few days at the very least.

The smart charger has been made with a special internal chip which protects your ecig and keeps it from burning out due to overcharging. It also charges faster than any other charger out there. You can use the smart charger with various adapters which enable you to use the charger in the car or on your desktop computer or just about anywhere with a power socket.

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