Standard Kit

V2 is the brand which really cares about what its customers want. This is what makes this brand different from all the countless others that dictate today’s ecig industry. The performance cannot be rivaled with and there are endless accessories and flavors to choose from to make your experience all the more pleasurable. With the V2 standard kit, you will really feel the difference.standard kit

V2 is the first brand to have made a stylish vaporizer for women and their vaporizers are generally some of the most advanced ones out there. The standard kit however is not very advanced, it is relatively simplistic but it does do credit to its brand and is quite affordable from a price point of view. The emphasis is clearly on plainness but you get functionality and performance along with it.

The batteries are plain white they are small and obscure and easy to carry around with the vaporizer and they make excellent traveling companions. The standard kit has been made for people that want the best but want a more affordable version. You don’t have to opt for the batteries if you don’t want to, you can buy the smart charger which comes with an advanced internal chip and charges more than twice the speed as any other vaporizer charger.

The other great thing about the charger is that it is designed to prevent overcharging and that once the device is charged it switches off automatically. The kit comes with 2 standard batteries and 10 cartridges which is more than what you can expect from any other starter kit and this is an ample selection of flavors at any rate. You also get a wall adapter, a smart charger and a user manual.

The entire selection is very minimalistic but it gets the job done and it gives you the tools you need to go smoke-free and to switch to the vaping habit with as little hassle as possible.

The flavor choice is quite excellent and the favorites are the tobacco offerings (as it is with many brands) and you can choose from American tobacco, Turkish tobacco and refined tobacco which have been given the name of V2 Red, Sahara and Congress respectively. Their menthol, peppermint and chocolate flavors are also very popular and loved.

The ecig which is the main item in the entire kit is made on the basis of two components and it is a two-part design which comprises of the flavor cartridge and the standard battery. You can choose the strength of the nicotine which goes into the flavor and the flavor generally is made up of propylene glycol, flavorings, water, and nicotine. There is an atomizer inside you won’t need to do too much maintenance on the device which saves time for busy working vapers.

Depending on which model you have purchased, whether it is the manual one or the automatic switch one, the battery is the standard length of 79mms. All you need to do in order to begin vaping is to screw on the cartridge with the battery and start inhaling as you would with traditional tobacco cigarettes. The effect you will find to be different in the beginning but you will get used to it and it will overall be much healthier than regular smoking.

When you suck on the end it activates the heating mechanism inside the device and that sets it all going and it causes the vapor to be released. The cartridges are interchangeable of course and whenever you feel in the mood of trying out a new flavor you can pop on a new one. You get about 250 puffs per cartridge before you begin to run out. One small tell of a cartridge running out is when its taste starts to resemble something burnt, you will know right away that you need to put in a new cartridge.

When the battery needs to be charged it will begin to blink and then you can plug in your smart charger and consider the job done because it charges at top speed. The brand recommends that in order to get the most out of the ecig you should prime it by puffing hard in the beginning as this will make sure that thick vapor comes out.

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