Standard Plus Kit – EX Series

This is one of the best starter kits that V2 currently offers because it not only gives you a taste of the entire V2 range, it gives you lots of features to have fun with and explore. You get the following items with the kit:-standard plus kit ex series

• 2 EX batteries

• 10 flavor cartridges

• Portable charging case in the XL size

• Wall adapter

• Smart charger

• User manual

There are great savings to be had if you buy sensibly and check the chart on the official website for more details. The portable case is so large it can house all your batteries and prove to be an ideal traveling companion. There are many flavor options and you can check the flavor page on the main website for more news on new offerings. The popular flavors are the three tobacco flavors which are Sahara, Congress and V2 red and V2 Cola, Peppermint, menthol and Green tea. There are endless others to choose from.

The ecig is made from a simple two component design which is really just the flavor cartridge and the battery screwed on together. There is e-liquid filled in the cartridges which are made from propylene glycol, water, flavorings and nicotine. You can adjust the nicotine as you like and the highest setting is 2.6% and you can also opt to have no nicotine at all in your blend. You will need to carry out very little maintenance on the main device because there is an atomizer inside (which is the heating element) and it pretty much does the job itself.

If you are die-hard customer and want to know how each batch is manufactured then know that V2 configures to the strictest quality assurance guidelines and there is information online regarding every single batch. You can even email them if you have any queries which need to be answered.
The starter kits come with the automatic batteries which promise the best performance overall. The batteries are 100mms and should be saved for times when you need to do some traveling because they last several days to a week. For other times you can use the smart charger and then attach the adapters as you deem fit according to the situation depending on whether you are in a car or sitting at work on your laptop.

All you need to do is start off the atomizer and give it some time to heat up by letting loose a few puffs which will activate the element inside the ecig which does the heating. This is also an ideal way to prime your ecig for maximum performance and results.

It is recommended to not leave the cartridge inside the ecig for too long and to use up the flavor as you deem appropriate. When the flavor cartridge is not attached to the ecig, it can be left on its own which at times is said to improve the state of the flavor.

The cartridge typically starts to taste like its burnt when it is nearing the end so that will be an indication that you need to change it. Also there is a small window which you can peer through which will again tell you much e-liquid is left.

These cartridges are not refillable as many tanks etc tend to be with vaporizers and you need to discard them as soon as you are done with them and screw on a fresh one. You get ten with this starter kit which will last you a long while even if you vape a lot.

Remember that when the battery starts to blink, this means that the ecig is in need of a charge or you can always add in batteries which is needless to say more convenient. The smart charger has an internal chip which enables it to charge faster than other regular chargers and if you plug it in you will be done in a couple of hours. The adapters are for people in different situations so that they can still make use of the smart charger such as in the car etc.

If you are unsure of what flavors to opt for you can always try a sampler pack which lets you take a glimpse inside all the wonderful offerings that V2 has in store for you.

Try this kit without the EX factor and you will not regret it.