Strawberry Desire

As we all know about V2, which is a very popular brand of e-cigs these days because of its quality and affordable prices it’s used by many people. Having the widest range of flavors is what sets them apart from other e-cig companies. Despite the usual flavors V2 offers, they have also launched these really cool flavors that are a limited edition so grab them before they are gone.

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Strawberry Desire by V2 Cigs in Review

In this article I am going to review V2’s Strawberry Desire flavor. I ordered my kit online from V2’s website and ordered all the limited edition flavors. I wanted to taste them before they are off the list officially.

The limited edition flavors are;

  • Strawberry Desire
  • Pina Colada
  • Mojito
  • Sambuca

All of these flavors were really good but I found Strawberry Desire the best one. Strawberries are everyone’s favorite fruit; it’s used in so many desserts and is loved my all kids and adults. Strawberry Desire really seduces your taste buds aggressively with the decadent sweetness of strawberries dipped in chocolate. Even imagining it is mouth watering; the combination is extremely tempting, as V2 says on their website that you’ll feel guilty for having an affair with this seasonal flavor. A great combination altogether, something worth a try! Imagine yourself eating chocolate wrapped strawberries isn’t that a heaven. Indulge yourself with the delicious flavor of V2’s Strawberry Desire and forget about everything.

V2 has a really good reputation with its flavors and these limited editions are just what one is looking for in the season. They are available in V2’s classic Cartridges and come in 5 different nicotine strengths:

  • Very Strong; 2.4% nicotine
  • Strong; 1.8%
  • Medium; 1.2%
  • Light; 0.6%
  • Zero Nicotine; as is visible from the name that it contains no nicotine at all.

Getting to choose your own nicotine level is pretty awesome. Throughout I had a wonderful experience vaping V2’s flavored cartridges. I am very satisfied customer; V2 is very professional when it comes to delivering their services. They have always answered all my queries concerning the product promptly. I have never had any issues with delivery, mine are always on time and that’s what makes me fall in love with all over again.

For more about this company, click the following link – V2 Cigs Review.  For something more along the lines of a tobacco flavor, try the Red.