Ultimate Kit

The V2 Ultimate kit is great for beginners and pro vapors alike because it offers such a multitude of features and accessories. If you are a first timer you can definitely get addicted to the stellar performance and the battery power of this kit.ultimate kit

The most popular flavors which you can choose from are the ones which are made with tobacco in mind and the brand makes three excellent varieties which are Congress, Sahara and V2 Red. The other flavors are a lovely combination of dessert, fruity and sweet offerings such as vanilla, cherry and chocolate and they are equally irresistible. V2 Cola is also emerging as an instant favorite amongst vapors.

The Ultimate kit is no joke as it has up to five more items than standard kits and it is really made for experienced vapors who want the whole package with nothing missing. You get a powerful car adapter of 2 amp, a smart charger for all your charging needs, a chic carry case, a charging case, a lanyard, and the portable charging case with it. This kit is extreme as it caters to all possible needs you could have whether you are traveling or just taking your ecig back and forth from work.

The car adapter is not like your standard car chargers because it charges very quickly and works in cohesion with the smart charger to really improve the power and get the job done quickly. You can use any power outlet for the smart charger which is a wondrous device for more than one reason. It doesn’t allow your ecig to burn out due to overcharging as it shuts off and it also charges to full in less than two hours which is unheard of.

Charging cases are a part of any good starter kit and the portable one that this one offers is a brilliant one which not only looks good but also performs well. It works like a small electrical outlet in your bag and you can charge your ecig up to three times or more before needing to charge the case itself. It is ideal for traveling or for people who are continually short on time because of work or moving around a lot. It can carry one battery and three cartridges inside at all times despite the fact that it is very portable.

This starter kit comes with the V2 Power Cig which needs to be charged and doesn’t work with batteries. All you need to do is charge it via car or laptop or a wall outlet and you are good to go. The kit provides you with plenty of options such as a USB charger, a wall adapter and so on. After screwing on the flavor cartridge the ecig is ready for use and it is a very simple two part device which consists only of the battery and the flavor cartridge.

If you are at work you can plug in the ecig and it will derive power from the computer and that is how the atomizer will work. This way you can conserve battery for when you need to go out. Furthermore there have been some reports that the vapor is much thicker if you are using the ecig while it is plugged in because the power is not used up and the ecig can dedicate it to producing the best vapor. You can also do the same if you are in a car for the best vaping experience.

The lanyard that is included is very handy indeed because it allows you to have the ecig close at hand whenever you need it and you also won’t be in danger of losing it. It hangs comfortably from one’s neck and can be accessed at any time. It can be bought it red, black and blue and is quite durable to hand whatever pressure you may put on it.

It helps to bear in mind that electric cigarettes do not work the same as ignitable cigarettes so you do need to prime them a little. You need to puff a little bit for a while in order to give the heating element which is the atomizer some time to start up so that it can create inhalable vapor.

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