Universal Adapters

The universal adapters from V2 which you can buy in packs of two are great for adapting your flavor cartridges to just about any brand out there. This is wonderfully useful for travelers or people who own starter kits from a number of brands and often find themselves with a mix match situation of universal adaptersproducts. However the vice-versa is not possible as you cannot use another brand’s cartridges with V2 batteries.

The brands which V2 is now compatible with, thanks to the universal adapters are Greensmoke, Bloog, South Beach Smoke, Vapures and many more. The adapters are available in two forms which are type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is pictured here. There are also brands for which no adapter is needed which are the following:-

• Vapor4life
• Premium
• LeCig
• Ones that come with threaded batteries

It is worthy to note that V2 takes no responsibility for the performance of any of the batteries belonging to the other brands. There are always different electrical specifications to worry about which is why it is something you try relatively at your own risk. Furthermore the brands mentioned above can change their specifications at any time they deem appropriate so it is important that you be prepared accordingly.

V2 has always been very customer oriented which is why they have specially created this universal adapter so that you have a wide array of choices and so you can have a more comfortable user experience in which you can use the batteries of a number of popular brands to suit you.

All you need to do is simply screw on the adapter and you are ready to start vaping even with the battery of another brand. It is particularly helpful when you may not have the right accessories of V2 to start vaping. Also if you were previously the fan of another brand, this gives you the chance to still hold on to the connection.

The major benefit is how affordable the whole thing becomes when you are mix matching like this as you get to add in a lot of what you already own.