V2 Charger Kit and Car Adapter

This is a kit which has all the charging options in it which are compatible with most of the ecig models that V2 makes. This kit is especially made for v2 charger kit and car adopterthe Power cig and the Notebook Cig models. The kit contains the following:-

• Smart Charger

• Wall Adapter

• Car Adapter (2 Amp)

The smart charger is known as far as V2 chargers are concerned and it is one of their best offerings. It offers progress tracking when the battery is being charged and it also prevents burning out of the battery due to overcharging. This is one of the key features of the smart charger and precisely what makes it so popular. It is also made with a special internal chip which can access voltage levels.

The car adapter which comes in this kit is incredibly useful for when you are on the move as it enables you to use the fast charging mechanism of the Smart charger when you are in the car. All you need to do is plug in your car adapter and you are good to go. Many vapers swear by vaping in the car when the ecig is plugged in because it gives the best, thick vapor.

You can now charge your Power cig or your Notebook Cig right in your car without any hassles. All you need to use this car adapter is a 12 volt outlet in a truck, train or even a bolt. It gives incredible travel options for people that need to move from one place to another and are often short on time to charge and even short on options.

All you need to do is attach the Smart charger to this car adapter and you can charge your ecig. The Smart charger is given in most starter kits and does not need to be bought separately. The car adapter has the maximum recommended voltage which means that it charges quickly and efficiently. You can buy the kit without the car adapter as well although together they are available at a very affordable price of $19.95.

To get just the charger kit, this click this link to find the charger.