V2 Charger Kit

This is the smaller version of the other kit which also offers a car adapter. In this kit you get the standard cult product which is the Smart USB charger charger kitand you get a wall adapter for the same. This kit allows you to exercise many different options at once which give you a great deal of freedom when it comes to charging your ecig.

You can charge your ecig on your laptop or through your desktop computer or you can use a regular wall power socket for charging, it really all depends on what’s available to you at the time. The reason why the USB port is such a great option is because it allows you a great deal of mobility which means you can use the adapter even if you are on a train or bus. It is especially a great option for travelers.

The Smart charger is one of the best chargers out there for ecigs because it is fitted with an internal chip which keeps checks on things and prevents burn outs happening to batteries.

Once the battery is done charging the charger shuts off by itself to prevent damage to the ecig battery itself. Not to mention that the chip enables the charger to fill the battery back up to full in just two hours.

In the kit you get one USB smart charger with its cord and you get a wall adapter for this same charger which is brilliant given that the price is only $14.95. The Smart charger is also available with most V2 starter kit and can be purchased on its own as well as can the wall adapter. The larger kit of V2 for the same purpose also carries a car adapter although the accessory can also be bought separately.

There are different models depending on which country or part of the world you are in and this is apparent through the official website which you have to change to US dollars in order to order for the United States. Buy this kit regardless of which V2 ecig you own because the Smart charger is compatible with all of them.

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